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Abraham, KurtAstrology as Path to Higher Consciousness2009
Abraham, KurtBalancing the Pairs of Opposites1993
Abraham, KurtIntroduction to the Seven Rays1986
Abraham, KurtMoon Veils Vulcan & the Sun Veils Neptune1989
Abraham, KurtPsychological Types and the Seven Raysundated
Abraham, KurtSeven Rays and Nations1987
Abraham, KurtTechniques of Soul Alignment1997
Abraham, KurtThreefold Method for Understanding the Seven Rays1984
Adler, AlfredUnderstanding Human Nature1927
Agni YogaSparks from the Flame of Agni Yoga1978
Agni Yoga SeriesAgni Yoga. 5th Rev. Ed.1980
Agni Yoga SeriesAum 19361959
Agni Yoga SeriesBrotherhood 19371962
Agni Yoga SeriesCommunity 19261951
Agni Yoga SeriesFiery World, Vol. 1 19331943
Agni Yoga SeriesFiery World, Vol. 2 19341946
Agni Yoga SeriesFiery World, Vol. 3  19351948
Agni Yoga SeriesHeart 1932. 2nd Rev. Ed.1975
Agni Yoga SeriesHierarchy 1931. 3rd Ed.1977
Agni Yoga SeriesInfinity, Vol. 1 19301956
Agni Yoga SeriesInfinity, Vol. 2 19301957
Agni Yoga SeriesLeaves of Morya’s Garden, Vol. 1, 19241953
Agni Yoga SeriesLeaves of Morya’s Garden, Vol. 2, 19251952
Agni Yoga SeriesMother of Agni Yoga 1956 (pamphlet)1956
Agni Yoga SeriesMother of the World 1956 (pamphlet)1956
Agni Yoga SeriesSupermundane: the Inner Life, Book One, 19381994
Agni Yoga SeriesSupermundane: the Inner Life, Book Two 19381995
Agni Yoga SeriesWoman 1958 (pamphlet)1958
Agni Yoga Society, ArizonaStriving for the Light1992
AlcyoneAt the Feet of the Master (pamphlet) reprint1974
Alder, Vera StanleyFifth Dimension: the future of mankind1970
Alder, Vera StanleyInitiation of the World1953
Alder, Vera StanleySecret of the Atomic Age1958
Allen, Myron S.Psycho-Dynamic Synthesis: key to mind power1966
Alexander, EbenProof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey2012
Allport, Gordon W.Becoming: Basic Considerations Psych. of Personality1957
Altman, NathanielAHIMSA1980
AMORCRosicrucian Manual1988
Anderson, Robert A.Stress Power! How to turn tension into energy1978
Anderson, S.R. & Hopkins, P.Feminine Face of God1991
Anderson, WaltOpen Secrets: Western Guide to Tibetan Buddhism1979
Arguelles, JoseEarth Ascending1984
AristotleOn Man in the Universe1943
Arnold, Sir EdwinLight of Asiaundated
Arnold, Sir Edwin, transl.Song Celestial, or Bhagavad-gitaundated
Arroyo, StephenChart Interpretation Handbook1989
Arroyo, S. & Greene, L.New Insights in Modern Astrology1984
Assagioli, RobertoAct of Will1973
Assagioli, RobertoMartha and Mary; a study of outer and inner action1975
Assagioli, RobertoPsychosynthesis: Manual of principles and techniques1965
Assagioli, RobertoPsychosynthesis Typology1983
Assagioli, RobertoTranspersonal Development1991
AurobindoEssays on the Gita1950
AurobindoLife Divine1951
AurobindoSynthesis of Yoga1950

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