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Sadhu, MouniConcentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery1959
Sadhu, MouniMeditation: An Outline for Practical Study1967
Sadhu, MouniWays to Self-Realization: A Modern Evaluation of Occultism1962
Saint GermainMost Holy Trinosophia1949
Salk, JonasAnatomy of Reality1983
Sandweiss, Samuel H.Sai Baba, the Holy Man … and the Psychiatrist1975
Sangharakshita, BhikshuSurvey of Buddhism1957
SankaracharyaCrest Jewel of Wisdom and other writings1946
Saraydarian, TorkomBreakthrough to Higher Psychism1990
Saraydarian, TorkomChallenge for Discipleship1986
Saraydarian, TorkomFiery Carriage and Drugs (booklet)1973
Saraydarian, TorkomFive Great Mantrams of the New Age (booklet)1975
Saraydarian, TorkomJoy and Healing1987
Saraydarian, TorkomMagnet of Life: Psychological Key to the Inner Man1968
Saraydarian, TorkomMysteries of Willpower1995
Saraydarian, TorkomNew Dimensions in Healing; healing and the future1992
Saraydarian, TorkomPsychology of Cooperation and Group Consciousness1989
Saraydarian, TorkomPurpose of Life1991
Saraydarian, TorkomScience of Becoming Oneself1969
Saraydarian, TorkomScience of Meditation1971
Saraydarian, TorkomSymphony of the Zodiac1980
Saraydarian, TorkomTalks on Agni1987
Saraydarian, TorkomTriangles of Fire1977
Saraydarian, TorkomWomen: Torch of the Future1980
Schmidt, StevenAstrology 14: Your New Sun Sign1970
Schure, EdouardGreat Initiates: Sketch of the Secret History of Religions1925
Schure, EdouardKrishna and Orpheus: Great Initiates of East and West1919
Schwarz, JackHuman Energy Systems1980
Scott, CyrilMusic: Its Secret Influence Throughout the Agesundated
Scott, CyrilOutline of Modern Occultism1953
Scott, CyrilVision of the Nazarene1955
Seifer, N. & M. ViewegWhen the Soul Awakens2008
SepharialNew Dictionary of Astrologyundated
SepharialNew Manual of Astrologyundated
Shesso, RennaMath for Mystics2007
Shinn, Florence ScovelWisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn (4 complete books)1940
Sidy, Richard V.World Diplomacy1992
Sinclair, JohnMystical Ladderundated
Sinclair, JohnOrganons: Seed Groups of Nine (booklet)undated
Sinclair, JohnOther Universe1973
Sinnett, A.P.Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett1948
Sinnett, A.P.Incidents in the Life of Mme. Blavatsky1913
Sliker, GretchenMultiple Mind1992
Smith, Edward ReaughBurning Bush1997
Smith, EvaSoul Expression in the Life (talk on CD)2009
Sorensen, SigridThe Nodal Horoscope: Journey of the Soul (pamphlet)1997
Sorokin, Pitirim A.Crisis of our Age1941
Sorokin, Pitirim A.Forms and Techniques of Altruistic & Spiritual Growth1954
Sorokin, Pitirim A.Social Philosophies of an Age of Crisis1950
Sorokin, Pitirim A.Ways and Power of Love1954
Spangler, David (ed.)Conversations with John (booklet)1980
Spangler, DavidEmergence: The Rebirth of the Sacred1984
Spangler, DavidInitiation, Incarnation & the Will (talk on CD)2007
Spangler, DavidLaws of Manifestation1981
Spangler, DavidLinks with Space (booklet)1978
Spangler, DavidRevelation: the Birth of a New Age1974
Spangler, DavidTowards a Planetary Vision1977
Stanley, C. MaxwellManaging Global Problems1979
Stauffer, Edith R.Unconditional Love and Forgiveness1987
Stearn, JessEdgar Cayce – the Sleeping Prophet1967
Steindl-Rast, DavidGratefulness, the Heart of Prayer1984
Steiner, RudolfCurative Eurythmy1983
Steiner, RudolfFacing Karma (booklet)1975
Steiner, RudolfEast in the Light of the West1922
Steiner, RudolfFifth Gospel1950
Steiner, RudolfFrom Jesus to Christ1930
Steiner, RudolfGospel of St. John1940
Steiner, RudolfHow to Know Higher Worlds1994
Steiner, RudolfInitiate Consciousness1928
Steiner, RudolfKarma1943
Steiner, RudolfKnowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment1947
Steiner, RudolfKnowledge and Initiation (booklet)1922
Steiner, RudolfLife, Nature and Cultivation of Anthroposophy1963
Steiner, RudolfLord’s Prayer: an Esoteric Study (booklet)1942
Steiner, RudolfManifestations of Karma1947
Steiner, RudolfNew Art of Education1928
Steiner, RudolfOccult Science – an Outline1939
Steiner, RudolfOutline of Occult Science1914
Steiner, RudolfPrayer (booklet)1952
Steiner, RudolfPresence of the Dead on the Spiritual Path1990
Steiner, RudolfReappearance of Christ in the Etheric1983
Steiner, RudolfTruth-Wrought Words1979
Stephenson, JamesProphecy on Trial; the dated DK prophecies analyzed1983
Stevenson, IanEvidence for Survival from Claimed Memories of Former I1961
Strauch, Edward H.Creative Conscience as Human Destiny2004
Sugrue, ThomasThere is a River: the story of Edgar Cayce1957
Suzuki, Daisetz TeitaroManual of Zen Buddhism1957
Suzuki, Daisetz TeitaroZen Buddhism: selected writings1956
Swimme, BrianThe Universe Is a Green Dragon1984

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