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Wagar, W. WarrenCity of Man1963
Wallace-Murphy & HopkinsRosslyn: Guardians of the Secrets of the Holy Grail2000
Waldron, E.S.Pre-Natal Casting of the Horoscope1934
Walsh, R. & Vaughan, F. eds.Beyond Ego: transpersonal dimensions in psychology1980
Walsh, RogerStaying Alive; Psychology of Human Survival1984
Watts, Alan W.Easter: Its Story and Meaning1950
Watts, Alan W.Spirit of Zen1960
Weatherhead, Leslie D.Case for Reincarnation (booklet)1957
Weatherhead, Leslie D.Manner of the Resurrection1959
Wei TatExposition of the I-Ching1970
Weiss, Clara A.Astrological Keys to Self-Actualization & Self-Realizatio1980
Welch, I.David et al (eds.)Humanistic Psychology: a source book1978
White, DavidContortio Mundi (poetry)2013
Whitmore, DianaPsychosynthesis in Education1986
Widutis, FlorenceYours is the Power1957
Wilber, KenAtman Project1980
Wilber, KenSociable God1984
Wilber, KenUp from Eden1983
Wilhelm, HellmutChange: Eight Lectures on the I-Ching1964
Wilhelm, Richard (trans.)I Ching, or Book of Changes1967
Wilhelm, Richard (trans.)Secret of the Golden Flower1935
Williams, John Alden (ed.)Islam1963
Wilmshurst, W.L.Meaning of Masonry1959
Wilson, ColinThe Occult: A History1971
Wilson, Onslow H. (ed.)Mind as Healer1987
Wilson, Onslow H.  Glands – the Mirror of the Self1983
Woito, RobertTo End War; a new approach to international conflict1982
Wood, Ernest (trans.)Bhagavad Gita Explained1954
Wood, Ernest  Character Building: a practical course1924
Wood, ErnestConcentration  1985
Wood, ErnestGlorious Presence1951
Wood, ErnestIntuition of the Will1949
Wood, ErnestMemory Training: a practical course1925
Wood, ErnestMind and Memory Training1947
Wood, Ernest (trans.)Practical Yoga: Ancient and Modern (Patanjali)1948
Wood, Ernest“Secret Doctrine” Digest1956
Wood, ErnestSeven Rays 1925
Wood, ErnestVedanta Dictionary1964
Wood, ErnestYoga1959
Wood, ErnestYoga Dictionary1956
Yogananda, ParamahansaAutobiography of a Yogi1981

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